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what i find ridiculous

so there i was yesterday in dillard's just minding my own business....and you know what i see?....dillard's brand bottled water....i mean seriously ppl, ru fucking kidding...first of all, it was really small, and even more important it was not refrigerated...it was sitting on this rather elaborate table neatly stacked....do you really think i am more likely to buy ur damn water if it looks fancy?...no, but on a 100 degree day a cold one would look far better...but that said, i'd rather you didn't have water at all....i mean that's kinda stooopid don't ya think...jen, help me out here - i know how you love corporate america...

oh yea...here's a thought...if you spill the water on a $1000 suit or something do you think they get more mad than if you spill ozarka...i mean after all you already put the $1 in their pocket...
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