a-l-l-e-n (alan) (secondbase) wrote,
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what to talk about at 1:32am

well, i changed my icons earlier from the blue bobels to the penguins....the penguins are more me - i like them...be sure to check them out...

and in other news i got the sims 2nite....okay i know i am behind the times, but damn that game seems pretty fun....psychology major + a game controlling ppl = possible addiction...haha...well prolly not since it's just a comp game but we will see

i am dumber for having watched elimidate...ppl on that show are truly pathetic...

well, i'm tired, so that's all for 2nite....camp was pretty much the same old same old today....gonna e-mail karen then head to bed....i miss you babe...30 days...
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