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a-l-l-e-n (alan)'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
a-l-l-e-n (alan)

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[18 Oct 2005|09:19pm]
....so teaching pre-k obviously gives me lots of funny stories....i will promise to try to share more...but here's one....

i have to preface by saying the girl who said the following has two older brothers, and obviously had no clue as to the meaning of the phrase, which only makes it ohsomuch funnier....

so anyway, we're on the playground and this girl is walking along minding her own business....and another little girl is swinging on a fairly low bar.....and the girl on the ground gets kicked in the groin (not too hard)....she kinda doubles over...laughs a little...and says ugggh i just got kicked in the balls......haha...and totally thought that was an appropriate assessment of the situtaition since her brothers say it all the time.....i just asked her where she learned it....i didn't feel like giving a 4 year old biology lesson today....but it was good for a laugh...
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[11 Oct 2005|07:05am]
another school morning - i should be leaving for school, but instead i feel the inclination to put a worthless post on here.....more to come 2nite....late, cause i have a conference to go to after school....oh, the joys....
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[02 Oct 2005|07:21pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

damn....this facebook thing is addictive....good thing i didn't know about it sooner, cause i am just sitting around wasting time by staring at it.....

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[02 Oct 2005|09:34am]
[ mood | mellow ]

so i stayed up late last night watching the huskies game....and they were beating ucla the whole time....then at the last minute they blew it in true washington form....i moved from the powerhouse that was texas football to this....what was i thinking?....

keeping in the football theme, indy better beat the hell out of tennessee to stay undefeated....go colts!....

maybe there will be an insightful post later today....in completely unrelated news....it is forecast to rain as far as the extended forecast goes....which is sadly like 8 days....

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[30 Sep 2005|11:14pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i have to share a story of something funny i saw today at school.....it takes a little setting up....one little girl in first grade (read: NOT pre-k) walks up to a teacher she hadn't seen since last year.....and this is the convo that ensues

child: your hair looks much shorter than it used to
teacher: why yes it is...
child: ...and you look fat
child's friend: don't be rude Jane, she was fat last year
(name changed not to protect identity, but b/c i dunno the child's name)

...anyone who knows me knows i would find that incredibly funny, so needless to say i headed straight for another room so i could go laugh w/o being toooo rude...kids really do say the funniest things....there will be plenty to share throughout the year...

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[30 Sep 2005|11:09pm]
[ mood | happy ]

...i hate to end such an impressive streak, but i think i am going to end my 131 week hiatus from livejournal....and that count is according to LJ - i haven't really posted since the first day of senior year....and we all know that was forever ago....

i'll give the cliffs notes version of what has happened since then....senior year was a blast....i managed to graduate on time....stayed in san antonio and worked for a few years....and now I am living in Seattle, Washington teaching pre-kindergarten, and having an absolute blast.....definitely missing my texas peeps though!

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[29 Aug 2002|12:05pm]
well here goes senior year....for the second time...hopefully this one is as kickass as my last senior year...
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normally i hate quizzes [22 Aug 2002|03:35am]
...but i happen to like this one...sorry, one of the few times i'll ever post one....but i like that store so i'm posting


What prep label are you?
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[21 Aug 2002|10:54am]
going back to school tomorrow....trying to figure out if that's scary or if it kicks ass....i think it kicks ass cause school doesn't start for a whole week after....any thoughts
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ironic?...i think so [08 Aug 2002|01:28am]
just got this in my e-mail...anyone else see the irony here?...hah - ridiculous if you ask me....
Annoyed with all the spam you get in your inbox? Angry about losing time deleting all that junk email? Want to eliminate this irritating stuff?

We thought so! Here is your way to get control over that ever increasing flood of annoying and time-wasting email - at home or at work - with iHateSpam Version 3.0. It takes 1 minute to install (no technical mumbo-jumbo or passwords to input) and is super easy to use. iHateSpam really will dramatically reduce your spam --guaranteed-- and give you more time for better things!

If you run Outlook or Outlook Express, take advantage of this dirt cheap, limited time Intro Offer: Just $19.95! It's a true no-brainer, especially if you know that iHateSpam comes with mainframe quality tech support from the world's fastest growing provider of Windows system management tools: Sunbelt Software. Here are some existing happy customers:

"I just came back from my 4 day holiday and I am able to get straight to work because I installed iHateSpam. I got a total of 103 spams. How many were in my inbox? A big fat ZERO!" -- Dave Carpenter
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joke #1 [07 Aug 2002|03:27pm]
[ mood | amused ]

alright, this one cracks me up, so i'm posting it....i think it's been 4ever since i posted jokes on here, but lemme know whatcha think!

A man and little Johnny, his grandson, are fishing by
a peaceful lake beneath some weeping willow trees. The man takes out
a cigarette and lights it.
Little Johnny says, "Grandpa, can I try one of your cigarettes?"
"Can you touch your asshole with your penis?" the grandfather asks.
"No" says Little Johnny.
"Then you're not big enough." says the grandfather.
A few minutes pass, and the man takes a beer out of
his cooler and opens it.
Little Johnny says, "Grandpa, can I have some of your beer?"
"Can you touch your asshole with your penis?" he asks.
"No" says Little Johnny.
"Then you're not old enough."
Time passes and they continue to fish. Little Johnny
gets hungry and he reaches into his lunch box, takes out a bag of
cookies and eats one.
The grandfather looks at him and says, "They look
good, can I have one of your cookies?"
"Can you touch your asshole with your penis?" asks Johnny.
"I most certainly can!" says the grandfather proudly.
"Then go fuck yourself," says Johnny, "these are my cookies!"

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[01 Aug 2002|08:41pm]
16-1 the rangers are winning in the third inning...that makes 33 runs in their last 10 innings....and against new york and boston....wow....it's about time - that's all there is to say about that
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[01 Aug 2002|05:00pm]
got the new linkin' park cd...i'm not much of one for music, but this is badass!!.....highly reccomended
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what i find ridiculous [30 Jul 2002|03:56pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

so there i was yesterday in dillard's just minding my own business....and you know what i see?....dillard's brand bottled water....i mean seriously ppl, ru fucking kidding...first of all, it was really small, and even more important it was not refrigerated...it was sitting on this rather elaborate table neatly stacked....do you really think i am more likely to buy ur damn water if it looks fancy?...no, but on a 100 degree day a cold one would look far better...but that said, i'd rather you didn't have water at all....i mean that's kinda stooopid don't ya think...jen, help me out here - i know how you love corporate america...

oh yea...here's a thought...if you spill the water on a $1000 suit or something do you think they get more mad than if you spill ozarka...i mean after all you already put the $1 in their pocket...

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[30 Jul 2002|12:57am]
[ mood | indifferent ]

well i can't think of anything to tell ya....i would tell ya how my dogs found a dead cat in our backyard and mistook it for a chew toy, but that would be too gross....i would tell you how i bought two pairs of shoes today, but that would be too girly...i would tell you how i miss karen tons and tons, but that would be too mushy....i would tell you that i am playing golf tomorrow, but that's only tentative...i would tell you it was hot here, but it's texas, so you already know that much...i would tell you i'm 21, but that's 3 day old news...i would tell you i'm sleepy, but i'm not....so basically i just don't know what to tell you.....oh wait, i already did...everyone have a good night

...i love you karen...

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[26 Jul 2002|12:13am]
i'm 21!!...why am i sitting at my computer??...well i'm not anymore...byeeeeee
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my saturday [13 Jul 2002|10:46pm]
[ mood | bored ]

slept till 11ish
found out a high school friend was the victim of a bombing in washington dc....see article from two posts ago
went to lunch at jack astor's
went to target...
came home and talked to my qt
watched the rangers win for once
had chinese food for dinner
bummed around here for awhile
and now trading spaces is on and i am bored enough to give you the details of my boring saturday

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anklets [13 Jul 2002|07:50pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

well okay so i feel accomplished...i actually made something....had two bandanas....one navy and one sorta tannish....cut out strips, soaked them in water, twisted them, and then tied them into anklets

when they dry they look kewl, b/c the pattern and the color show, and they dry twisted....i broke one cause i tied it too tight, but hopefully these don't break...after i made the knots i cut the excess, so the lnot might slip out that way.....okay, i'll spare you all the rest of the details...just thought i'd share the most artistic accomplishment of my life...yes, i know that's sad

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one of my high school friends.... [13 Jul 2002|01:19pm]
[ mood | depressed ]


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what to talk about at 1:32am [11 Jul 2002|01:35am]
[ mood | tired ]

well, i changed my icons earlier from the blue bobels to the penguins....the penguins are more me - i like them...be sure to check them out...

and in other news i got the sims 2nite....okay i know i am behind the times, but damn that game seems pretty fun....psychology major + a game controlling ppl = possible addiction...haha...well prolly not since it's just a comp game but we will see

i am dumber for having watched elimidate...ppl on that show are truly pathetic...

well, i'm tired, so that's all for 2nite....camp was pretty much the same old same old today....gonna e-mail karen then head to bed....i miss you babe...30 days...

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